Introducing: Siem Budding

I am Siem and I am living my dream to become a professional horseback archer.


I am 15 years old and being homeschooled.

At the moment I am the highest placed horseback archer in the Netherlands and I became 3rd at the European Championship in Poland in the junior category and 7th in the mixed ranking. I give weekly trainings at my own training place in Maarsbergen, the Netherlands for anyone who wants to learn horseback archery. On request I give trainings at location and demonstrations.

I train archery and horseriding at my trainingplace in Maarsbergen several times a week. I train with international horseback archery trainers in Hungary, France and Poland several times a year.

I am working on becoming a freestyle and horseriding instructor at the Freestyle Academy Emiel Voest this year.

At my free time I study the internet because I like to know everything about horses, saddles, bows, arrows and the history of horseback archery.

I have an older brother Tijmen (17 years) and two younger ones, Qiujun (12 years) and Chunlian (9 years). Qiujun and Chunlian like horseriding and archery too. I sometimes give them archery lessons. I have also taught my mother horseback archery.

We have four dogs and we take care of other dogs when their owners are working.

My father Arjan works at a water board as a senior advisor and expert in innovations, especially in waste water treatment. My mother Jouke is at home with us. We live in a village in the centre of the Netherlands, near Amersfoort.

I am being homeschooled because going to school made me very sad. I did not understand what the teachers were asking from me, most things I already knew for a long time and I got very nervous of all the forced social interaction. I love to be around people and to interact but in a classroom full of kids I felt completely lost. My brothers are also being homeschooled.

So now I am learning the things I want to learn at home and at places I love to go to, with people I love to meet.